* Cosmic *: Listen to the Chill Tracks

On a large part of this website  I’ve written quite a lot about my EP  * Cosmic *. – But words can only say so much. It’s time to, in part , let the music tracks do the talking


Cosmic PatchworkI really shouldn’t expect you to have to find and click a link to the website of an official music retailer such as CD Baby  or iTunes  before you can listen to at least a sample of the tracks which are on offer on the EP.

I have set up a set of players below, which will play decent-sized (1-minute) samples of all the tracks. For the title-track I’ll be using the Cutdown (Radio Edit) version. (Track #6).




  • Cosmic:



  • Awesome Between The Tweets:



  • Bursting Bubbles:



  • Sound Factory



  • Cocoon:




I initially posted this article to the website without the players included in it. – I sorted that out fairly quickly. I had to decide which player plugin to use, then configure it, then add the player codes to the draft. The likelihood is that you’ll see the page after it’s completed: I didn’t intend to take forever in getting it set up as described above. – But for the purposes of the new page as I construct it; I wrote the above to be included while I got it sorted.

– Anyway I do hope you enjoy listening to the samples, that you like what you hear, and that you stream or download some or all of the tracks.

Fortunately I’d already created 1 minute samples of the tracks in the studio; so using those saved me a lot of time.

– The tracks – in fact the entire EP – are/is available on other online retailers in addition to iTunes and CD Baby:

They’re available on Google Play, spotify, and many others. I use CD Baby for distribution: They’re pretty good, they distribute to a wide variety of retailers, they have reasonable charges, and they only take a small commission.

The only drawback with CD Baby is that they seem to, currently, at time of writing, have a hard time keeping up with online technology. It’s one of the reasons I publish all my album notes in rich text format with illustrations on my website: CD Baby’s plain-text rendering is so 1990s… But otherwise they’re rather good.

Enjoy… And do have a great day too. 🙂


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…OK so the text contains a few less words than is recommended for SEO purposes. – Oh dear it’s the end of the world! – I’ll just have to make up for it here: –

Let’s think of a few words… Inspire me Miranda… moist – That’s a good one.


And then there’s plunge – ‘Rude connotations again. It’s such a moist word is plunge.

…Are we there yet?- No; but this’ll do. – I’m going to plunge my sink; it may be rather moist

…No my kitchen sink. – ‘Really! – I saw that look. – ‘Naughty. 😉

– Later.


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