Hello World! – Listen to * Cosmic *, The ‘Relax Trax’ EP by Sharron-Idol

Featuring Four relax-trax’; Relaxing beats; sandwiched between the Original and the ‘Cutdown’ versions of the title track.

Cosmic Patchwork


Cosmic EP by Sharron-Idol  –  Ice Recordings 2017

Track Layout

1) Cosmic

2) Awesome Between the Tweets (instrumental)

3) Bursting Bubbles (instrumental)

4) Sound Factory (instrumental)

5) Cocoon (instrumental)

6) Cosmic [ – Cutdown]

Intellectual property of Sharron-Idol & Ice Recordings 2017 – All Rights Reserved.



Cosmic - Cover Art


Ice Recordings & Sharron-Idol Present the Album Notes Accompanying
Sharron-Idol’s 2017 EP
Entitled * Cosmic *.

Sharron-Idol’s song & EP * Cosmic * is now available for download from iTunes – Also you can stream it via spotify.


Cosmic* Cosmic * EP is a collection of 5 pieces. (6 if you include the radio-edit of * Cosmic *) : 4 of those pieces are instrumental, and they compliment the title track by ‘setting a cosmic mood’, for want of a better description. Despite their high number of beats per minute – 137 in the case of * Cosmic *, and up to 148 in another case (Although the track *Cocoon * is as low as 95.) , the tracks as a whole are quite relaxing.



The title track, * Cosmic * has a fast-pulsing electronic background, overlaid with synth tracks and vocalised sections combined into a plethoric fast-fire phraseological diatribe in tune with the beat.

On the EP the track begins with the sound of a needle on vinyl navigating the lead-in section of old record. The EP ends with the sound of the needle exiting the final track and getting stuck on the clicker.

The bridge in the middle of * Cosmic * syncs nicely with the rest of the track and provides a good centrepiece for the overall piece. As it develops the sound gets sequentially fatter and then drops off.


Cosmic – Lyrics



I am – moon-beam;

‘Strike down – from the sky

On a – moonlit night.

Set your – heart alight.

You are – sunshine:

The force, – the source;

You are – so hot,

You light – me up.

You make – it right.



We are – sa-tell-ite:

Talk chalk – and cheese,

as clear – as mud.

Scent on – the breeze.

We are – as-tral:

Two minds – that fly

high in – the sky.

Love ne – ver dies.


3. (bridge)

To the –


‘Stuck here in

In the past

You know it

Just won’t last.

(- will burn out fast.)

We are –


Sink or swim;

Hot and bright,

Warm or cool

Cool and dim.



We are – cos-mic:

The sum of one,

we intertwine.

We overcome.

We are – mo-tion.

– Passion, heat, De-


We have – Just begun.



We are – af-ter-glow

‘Strike down – from the sky

On an – earthlit night.

Set your – heart alight.

We are – sun-beam:

The force – the source;

We are – so hot,

We light – it up.

We make – it right. – X8



BetweenTheTweetsTrack #2

* Awesome Between the Tweets *

has a warming background glow that seems to unknowingly pick you up, cradle you gently, and send you into a semi-conscious dreamlike-state.






Track #3 – * Bursting Bubbles *

continues the dreamtime as the beat speeds quickly on into the night. Again that background glow is there; reassuring you as the currents well up and curl around you in the peacefully explosive background.





SoundFactoryTrack #4 – * Sound Factory *

wakens you once again with its industrious fast-paced machinated-rhythm, interspersed with the ups and downs…






…before the slower-tempo of track #5: * Cocoon * begins to encapsulate you within its sleep-provoking purple-cloak of semi-oblivions slumber.

Coccoon Smile


Different Angles


This release can be seen in different lights: It can be viewed as yet another of Sharron-Idol’s experimental sounds that she produces across numerous genre’s – or it can be seen as progress in Idol’s repertoire as she continues to mature as an artist.

Either way it’s an original piece; created by the performing artist. – That’s got to be worth 100% bonus points.

You see there are so many artists today who perform covers only – and not just covers either, but almost perfect mimics of the original track.

While this takes skill and endeavour, it lacks entertainment value. Tribute bands and mimics are good in their place; but what they lack is originality. Sharron-Idol, on the other hand, is overflowing with original ideas and creativity.

  • Sharron-Idol’s song & EP * Cosmic * is now available for download & streaming from iTunes , & download from  CD Baby. – Also you can stream it via spotify.


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